Quilt binding drama


I am almost done with my quilt! Last week I thought to myself, "all I need to do is attach the binding to the quilt which should be easy." Famous last words, attaching the two loose ends of the binding is a lot more complicated than I remembered. As this is my second quilt, I have only done a binding one other time, so I am far from being an expert. Last night I brought my unfinished binding to class and the instructor showed me how to attach the two loose pieces (the starting and ending points) together flawlessly which was tricky, but she made it seem so easy. I took notes, so hopefully the next time around things will be a bit easier.

Are any of you working on any exciting Christmas gifts?


  1. I bought a wrist pin cushion at the sewing store, got it home and was so disappointed I threw it away...What can I expect though it was like $1.50. I couldn't even wear it because it totally hurt my wrist, that hideous plastic clamp on bracelet thing. I was inspired to make my own wrist pincushions. I have the design all worked out in my head so we will see how many I actually get done.

  2. I bet that once you make it you will think, "what did I do before I had this?" :)

    Please show photos when you are done!