Japanese cooking class

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I like to go on adventures to meet new people and do fun things that I don't normally do. Saturday I went to the Buddhist church in San Luis Obispo. My husband has done work for them and he always tells me how beautiful it is on the property. It did not disappoint!
 Beautiful landscaping.

 I sat in the sun for a while and took in all the beautiful plants. The church location is somewhat secluded, so it is very quiet and peaceful.

Three women who were originally from Japan taught the class. They spoke very little English and chose to talk amongst themselves in Japanese. At one point I could see them looking at me while they were talking. One of them asked me if I was part Japanese. They were so happy when I told them I was.

We made a huge amount of chirashi. The photo above doesn't even show the half of it!

 This is made up of rice, seasoned vinegar, shiitake mushrooms, fresh bamboo, gobo, eggs, green peas, carrots, and things like soy sauce, sugar,  Mirin, and Dashi-no-moto.

Lunch was delicious! I am so glad that I went even though I didn't know what to expect going in. It can be so easy to stay in a bubble and not get out and experience new things. Do any of you try to make an effort to put yourself out of your comfort zone? I think it's going to officially be on my New Years Resolution  list.

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