I've been sewing, I promise.

The reason that I have not posted photos of my sewing projects is because I haven't finished any. The quilt I am working on has a deadline that is approaching quickly and I am in the middle of quilting it. It is consuming my life! Yes, I am quilting it myself because I want to improve my skills (I have only quilted one other quilt) and because I don't want to pay someone else to do it :)

Actual quilting involves sewing together the top (all the colorful stuff you see in the photo), the batting (the white layer to the right of the my colorful border), and the back (the little strip of baby blue that you see peeking out from the batting). For the majority of the quilt I chose to stitch in the ditch, which in my case means sewing along the straight lines where the blocks and pieces are connected. 

For the thick border area I chose to outline the blue areas using a free motion piece for my machine. Yes, my technique is FAR from perfect (it's hard following the lines!), but I have improved so much from my last quilt. My stitch size is more consistent and the stitches look nice on both sides. It takes a lot of patience, so I give props to people who do this for a living!

After reading Colette Patterns book I got pumped and felt like I could tackle any project. I started the Rooibos sewalong months ago, but never got farther than cutting out the pieces. To be honest, I was overwhelmed by the project. After finishing the book so many things made sense to me and I finished the top portion of the dress in a night. I probably won't get to work on this until after Christmas because I have so many holiday projects to finish, but I can't wait!


  1. That is the best, the feeling of sewing invincibility...when you finally realize that you can do it. My philosophy and how I relate to my creative endeavors is that nothing is too "advanced" as long as I have a plan and I execute that plan methodically and above all else I have patience with myself. It's wonderful to hear when people tackle something that had seemed daunting at first look and even better when they are happy with the results. Your bodice looks beautiful, lovely color combination. I came across your post over at Rhinestones & Telephones, it is nice to meet another Central Coast(California) seamstress...I feel I don't run into that many of us, maybe I'm not looking in the right places! I'm from Ventura County, sort of right between Southern Ca and the Central Coast.


  2. Hi Amelia!

    I am in the same boat as you, I don't have any friends on the central coast that sew :( I read blogs about people that get to met up and sew in groups and I get so jealous! In the San Luis Obispo area quilting is popular and there are a ton of quilt shops, but garment sewing is not as popular, at least to my knowledge. Unfortunately, there are not many stores that sell the fabric that I want/need to make the clothing I have in mind.

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm following yours and look forward to seeing your projects. That vest you made is adorable!!!

  3. I suffer from the same jealousies and from a lack of decent fashion fabric sources as well. I have two choices locally for fabric; I can go to Joann's and forget that everything is polyester if it isn't quilting cotton or I can go to the other fabric store "Fabric Town" and while they do carry some quality fashion fabrics and I do find things there it is nothing like some of the places I hear about from other bloggers. I have been purchasing fabrics online now for the past 4 months or so and have been very pleased so far. I want to make a trip down to Mood Fabrics in LA but I hate going down that way traffic is murder. Thanks for coming down to my blog I look forward to seeing your projects too.

  4. Isn't the Colette Handbook fantastic? I was so lucky to be able to review it and I think I actually squealed when my hard copy arrived in the mail - LOL! I am planning on making a few Meringue skirts this fall. What are you planning?

    I wanted to take the time to thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog today. :)

  5. Sarah- The book is amazing! I was so jealous that you got a copy before everyone else :) I looked forward to your posts about the book!

    I plan on making all the patterns in the book, but it won't happen until next year. I am too tied up with Christmas gifts!