Sewing tips and tricks

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Being the new sewer that I am, I can use all the tips and tricks anyone wants to throw my way! I am so lucky to be surrounded by such skilled women who have been sewing for years and who are willing to give me advice.

I have always wanted to buy a big spool of thread like the one pictured above, but have held back because I wasn't sure how it would work with my machine. The spool is so big that it wouldn't fit correctly on my machine.

Shaun at Quiltin Cousins helped me out with that. She gave me a little piece of foam from a hair roller to put inside the spool. Now the thread fits perfectly with my machine. Thanks, Shaun!

My quilting instructor, Bobbi, also gave me some advice about the maintenance of my sewing machine. I had not oiled the machine because I wasn't sure if I was supposed to. Bobbi told me that when she takes her machine in for a tuneup the gentleman that works on it always puts a drop of oil in the place where the bobbin sits. It makes perfect sense seeing as the bobbin sits in the case and is constantly moving.

With my new spool of thread and my machine running smoothly I decided to do an instant gratification project and made two burp cloths. I LOVE the combination of stripes and flowers, especially with Civil War reproduction fabric. One of my good friends is having a baby in December, so these will be given to her.

Folded up. 

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