Labor Day Weekend

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I hope all of my friends had a nice Labor Day weekend, I know I sure did! It was a whirlwind of friends, but luckily Luke and I got to relax all day yesterday. Well, he relaxed while I cursed at my sewing machine.

In the afternoon I went to see my friend Curtis for a haircut and color. He dyed most of my hair black, bleached a few pieces, and then dyed the bleached pieces gray. I was overdue for a trim as well, so now my hair feels so healthy.

In the evening I got to see my godson Bronson. Yes, I have a godson and he's so cute!

Luke was busy working out with 1 lb weights while I visited with Bronson.

My new friend Samantha invited me to go wine tasting mid afternoon. It was so much fun getting to know her while drinking Laetitia's sparkling in the sunshine. We have decided that next time we go we need to bring a picnic basket with cheese, crackers, chocolate, fruit, etc.

 How cute is she??

In the evening Luke and I went to my friend Ariana's house for a BBQ. We always have so much fun at her house! We ate amazing food and watched The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

Lazy day for us and the cats.

 Lebron sleeps so cute!

He really sleeps like this! It looks like it is annoying Stella though.

 Lebron's favorite thing is being kissed on the head. If you are not kissing him on the head then he puts his head on your lips to remind you.

Hopefully I will have a finished sewing project to show you soon. That is, if I can put in a zipper correctly. Cross your fingers for me.

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