Gifts and one less item on my to do list

What's the best way to make a quick gift for someone and cross something off my to do list? Why, it's making makeup bags out of oilcloth! I used the extra oilcloth I had from this project to make myself and my friend Cali a makeup bag. My husband Luke and I were going to her house for dinner and I wanted to bring a gift for her. Since I am obsessed with that oilcloth and I thought she would like it, I made this before we went to her house:

 Here is what I love: I love making things for people that actually appreciate them, and Cali fits into that category. She was so grateful and I could tell that she genuinely appreciated the time, effort, thoughtfulness, and energy that went into making the makeup bag. She even wrote on my Facebook wall to let me know that she loved it. Do any of you ever come across people that aren't very thankful when you make them a gift?

Now Cali and I are twins with our matching makeup bags.

I need to make a makeup bag. I hate mine. Doesn't it feel good to cross things off your to do lists?


  1. I looooove it!! Another great oilcloth use! :D

  2. ahhhhh!!! that is SO amazing! I love it! can you teach me how to sew?? i think the material for my head board is actually oil cloth

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Samantha - Maybe you, me, and Lisa can get together and start a sewing circle!