Weekend summary

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I had a really good weekend! On Friday Kevin came to visit me at work and he gave me marketing advice. Basically I got marketing advice from the marketing genius! :)

Saturday morning I learned more about myself and past lives. Apparently, I was somehow connected to the Vanderbilt's in New York in the 20's! Exciting.
Saturday afternoon Luke and I met up with friends at the Obon Festival in San Luis Obispo. The festival is held the first weekend of August every year. We enjoyed Japanese food, a bonsai exhibit, and saw some amazing arts and crafts. 

It was a hot day, so we sat in the shade and people watched for a while.

I spent many hours on Sunday working on my quilt. As you can see, my assistant was very helpful as usual. Speaking of quilts, I need to get my act together! Tonight is my last night of quilting class for the summer and I am nowhere near being finished.

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