I'm alive, I swear.

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Hello friends. I apologize for my lack of posting this past week. I have felt uninspired for some reason and suffered from food poisoning. Bummer! Luckily my husband and cats took good care of me. Luke got me all the beverages I needed and Lebron and Stella must have known I was sick because they would not leave me alone! They followed me into every room, sat on my lap whenever I was sitting, and insisted on sleeping on me too. They were showing me they cared in their own cat way :)

My quilting class has been going well. It is a five week class, so it is a bit rushed and I am falling behind! I have cut and sewn almost all the little pieces. The next step is sewing the little pieces together to form a quilt block. Since the quilt is a "mystery" quilt the instructor, Bobbi, didn't show us what the finished quilt would look like until this last Monday, week four. Her quilt looks amazing and I can't wait to finish mine!

Let's talk about the quilting instructor for my class. She is amazing! She is so talented, has a good eye for color, is friendly, nice to everyone (and that is an accomplishment because there are some people I wouldn't want to be nice to...), and most importantly is very patient. Patience is important to me because as a newbie I have LOTS of questions about basic, easy things that she can probably do in her sleep!

Here is another reason she is awesome: she gave me FIVE boxes of fabric!!! I haven't had a chance to sort through it all, but she said that a lot of it is for garment sewing, but there may be some quilting fabric too. How sweet is that??? And how spoiled am I??? THANK YOU BOBBI!!!!

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