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This weekend I was very social, more social than normal. My good friend Megan K. came over on Saturday morning and she painted her nails the same color as mine, we gossiped, and talked about her new hobbies. It was SO good to see her. Then I rushed off to San Luis and met my other good friend Libbi "Kardashian" for lunch at Natural Cafe. We shopped (surprisingly, I didn't buy anything), ate frozen yogurt, and tried to find things that made her look more like a Kardashian. On Sunday we went to Mike and Vanessa's house for an amazing BBQ and then went with Curtis and Jessie to see The Help.

While hanging out with friends was fun, I was NOT productive project wise at all. I was complaining to Luke about how I feel like such a loser because I haven't been sewing, reading, cooking, or designing as much as I would like. He told me that instead of focusing on what I haven't done I should be focusing on what I have done. He pointed out that I am a busy 27 year old business owner and I have a lot on my plate.

So, please forgive me for not finishing my projects, I'm busy working and having fun with my friends :)

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