Sometimes I stick my foot in my mouth.

A month or so ago I was with my friend Kim at the fabric store. She showed me some fabric and my immediate reaction was to say, "that's disgusting." Well, she was showing me the fabric because she actually liked it! Awkward.... We both laughed about it, but I just couldn't get that fabric out of my head.

Kim and her family moved to Colorado on Saturday. I knew what had to happen: she needed that fabric made into pillowcases as a going away present.

One member of my family loved the fabric.

Of course, Lebron probably liked it because it looks like him as a badass on a motorcycle.

Now Kim can sleep on a pillowcase that has cats on motorcycles zipping around. Wild! Oh, she liked the gift! :) She started laughing as soon as she saw the fabric. I miss her already!


  1. Ha! Ha! I do that all the time. :)

    It was sure sweet of you to make your friend a pillow case out of the fabric. ;)

  2. Haha! This made me laugh really loud! You totally win for this!