Krista's baby shower

Today I went to Krista's baby shower. I had planned on making a teddy bear like I did for Brittany and Sammy, but it didn't work out. For one, I wasn't in love with the fabric I picked out for Krista, and for two, the teddy bear looked like a mutant when I finished its head. I rushed to Beverly's Friday night and found the most perfect fabric for Krista. She loves owls and hearts, this fabric has both!

I decided to make a baby blanket with satin trim. Sounds easy, right? Not for me, I always manage to make things harder than they need to be! I couldn't get the trim to line up on both sides, so the craftsmanship is far from perfect :(

The little owls are so cute!

The back is a pink and white polka dot flannel.

She opened the gift today and liked it!


  1. seems like all your friends are having babies! That's so nice that you MAKE presents for them.