Day one of the next chapter in my life.

Friday was my last day at the bank and it was a bittersweet one. Forgive me for continually using that word, but it describes my feelings perfectly. A lot of customers called or came in to the bank to say goodbye, which was so sweet! Some brought me thoughtful gifts that they made (butternut squash ravioli from Nicola at Mama's Meatball, mozerella made by Louie Tedone, bread from the owner of Farbs), some bought me gifts that they knew I would love (a money tree from Keesha, wine from Melora, a gift certificate to Beverlys from Jean), and my coworkers gave me the most amazing/perfect cards and gifts ever! I got spoiled.

Saying goodbye to my friends was difficult, especially when it came to my supervisor Sandy. She is someone I admire and have grown very close to over the last (almost) five years. I already miss her.

But today starts a new day and a new chapter for me: business owner. Today is my first day in the shop. Hopefully I pick things up quickly and don't let Luke down. I will say, I am looking forward to wearing jeans to work! :)


  1. Hey, you could wear jeans at the bank on Fridays! I agree that Sandy is amazing. You will be a great and successful biz owner. All the best from Evil Keith.