Dita is stylin


It's no secret that I admire Dita's style. After seeing this photo I am dying for those sunglasses! I have been searching for a similar pair for the last six months with no luck. Well, that's not entirely true. I just haven't been able to find a pair I love for under $300 that I can put prescription lenses in :( Does anyone know where I can find an affordable pair?


  1. Hi how are you?

    I noticed that you like tattoos, and I have a label in which I had some of my bloggers send me their tattoo pictures, so very funny...

    Anyway, I like your blog, and want to invite you to visit mine, and if you will follow me I would love to follow yours....


  2. That's the first thing I noticed in this photo. The sunglasses are fab!! I wish you luck in finding an affordable pair. :)

  3. Tom Ford makes beautiful glasses. I have a pair of his sunglasses. Look online at his website. Next time you're down I'll take you to his store